Richard Ellard

Quality Manager/Owner

35 Years of experience

With our management team and skilled machinists having over 200 years of combined experience in the manufacturing industry, Manda Machine Company, Inc. has proven to be a trusted and reliable partner for your next project. 

Andy Ellard

General Managers/Owner

27 Years of experience

​​​At Manda Machine Company, Inc., our goal is to help our clients increase productivity and maintain their competitive edge by offering quality materials, products, and craftsmanship that fulfill your manufacturing needs. ​​

​Our experienced, highly skilled employees offer practical solutions and assistance for every clients manufacturing needs. From CNC machining to manual machining, our employees program the machine to operate the job needed by the client, paying extreme attention to detail while overseeing the work and making any necessary adjustments needed to ensure the final product is of the highest quality possible. 

​We measure our success on the number of repeat clients we have, many of whom have become faithful, long-term customers. Our relationships we have built with these companies has not only allowed us to have reliable continuous partnerships, but has also generated many new clients based on referrals alone. 

Todd Ellard

Operations Manager/Owner

32 Years of experience

​Manda Machine Company, Inc. is a high quality precision machining facility. We are a third generation family owned business that began in 1950. Our years of experience, hard-work, and dedication has helped us develop a reputation of being one of DFW's best and most reliable machining facility. 

​We provide manufacturing solutions that will take your company from prototype to production. We work closely with you, using your ideas and needs, and integrating them with our experience and skill into a shared knowledge solution. We will help you develop manufacturing solutions that can be shared within your company for increased productivity. 

We work in conjunction with your engineers, designers, maintenance personnel, purchasing agents, and buyers to provide manufacturing solutions tailored to your needs. 

T.C. Ellard

Previous Owner

40 Years of experience

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Joe Manda

Founder/Previous Owner

36 Years of experience

​​​Manda Machine Company, Inc. 

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