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Family owned & operated since 1950


The History of Manda Machine Company, Inc

The Beginning

Expansion of Manda Machine

The Early Years

T.C. Ellard continued to work at Manda Machine, and employed 3 of his sons as full-time employees. Richard Ellard began working at Manda in 1983 after graduating from the University of North Texas. Todd Ellard began working at Manda in 1986 after graduating from MacArthur High School. Andy Ellard began working at Manda in 1991 after graduating from A&M University.

In 1999, after Joe and Mary Manda had passed, the Manda house was demolished to begin construction for an additional facility. 

In 2001, construction to expand Manda Machine shop began and was completed later that year. 

Third Generation

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Through Hard-work and dedication, Joe made sure Manda Machine was a successful business. In 1965, Joe built an additional facility behind his home to expand his thriving business.  

Manda Machine Company, Inc. is a third generation family owned business. Joe Manda received his diploma from the International Correspondence Schools in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1941.  Joe and Mary Manda then founded Manda Machine Company, Inc. in 1950. They moved into a house on Myrtle Springs in Dallas, Texas, where Joe Manda operated the business out of a room in the back of the house.

Manda Continues to Expand

In 2002, Richard, Andy, and Todd purchased Manda Machine Company, Inc. from their parents, T.C. and Mary Jo Ellard, becoming the third generation to own and operate the company. 

With 3 co-owners, Manda Machine continued to thrive and grow as a business. Due to their success, Manda Machine wanted to continue to expand to meet their growing client base.

In 2007, Manda Machine Company, Inc. opened their second location in Farmers Branch, TX. 

In 2008, Manda Machine became ISO registered for the manufacturing, assembly, and distribution of Precision Metal Products. 

Joe and Mary Manda's daughter, Mary Jo, married T.C. Ellard in 1957, and he began working part-time at the shop. T.C. and Mary Jo had five kids--Richard, Jeff, Andy, Todd, and Angela. T.C. became a full-time employee at Manda Machine in 1972, and after 14 years of hard work and dedication, T.C. and Mary Jo Ellard purchased Manda Machine from her parents in 1986.

The Second Generation