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  • 5 Axis CNC Mill
  • 4 Axis CNC Lathe with subspindle
  • 2 Axis CNC Lathe 
  • 3+2 CNC Mill
  • 3 Axis CNC Vertical Mill



We work in conjunction with your engineers, designers, and buyers to provide the best fit service for your machining needs.

We will assist in resolving issues that occur at any point in the design and production process.   We program our machines to ensure the final product is accurate and precise from the design given.

We can offer the following services to ensure a quality final product:

  • Assist in designing and engineering
  • Creating Prototypes for the product
  • Programming and operating the machine
  • Assembling pieces to create a final product
  • Manual Milling Machines
  • Manual Lathes
  • Surface Grinders
  • Honing Machines

CNC Machining

Manual Machining

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Family owned & operated since 1950

At Manda Machine we offer a wide variety of precision machining services. Our team has proven to be a trusted and dedicated partner for your manufacturing needs. Our goal is to offer quality products and workmanship to help your company increase productivity and maintain its competitive edge. From our CAD/CAM system to our inspection equipment, we have the time-proven  necessary components in place to serve the needs of each individual client.

We can provide CNC machining such as precision drilling and tapping, cutting and shaping, milling flat stock into intricate designs, or other CNC Lathe services. We program the machines to operate the job needed and oversee the work, making necessary adjustments as needed. 

We have the following machines available for CNC Machining:

Our experienced, highly skilled employees can provide manual machining services tailored to each clients individual needs. We have proven to be one of the most reliable, skilled, and precise manual machining facilities.

We have the following machines available for Manual Machining: